418: Feels Good, Man!

418: Feels Good, Man! 

Okay yeah I know it’s been a while and I unprivated, but there is life after a breakup! I’m a huge extrovert so I reached out to so many people and connected in more ways than I have known to be possible. Life is just feeling good right now. In this moment, where I can just be chill for a bit. Write new things, add more things to my post-HSC to do list, maybe book a few violin concerts for myself? Self-loving time.

Feels good, man!

Although I did have a shitty morning waking up. It was a nightmare and I don’t care to elaborate, but it was about my ex and that was shitty. Didn’t affect my physics exam though! I forget they have a bunch of exams now too. Trials. Mm, fun.


~ Serendipitous

There is so much more I wanted to say but I just can’t say it now, I’m revelling in the awesomeness of everything!

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