423: The Second Time (Lapse)

423: The Second Time (Lapse) 

Oh my god okay today is the second time I’ll get drunk. I drank way too much way too fast. My parents don’t know.

Now I know what it’s like to live life as a young, dumb teenager. Holy fuck it is fun. Yeah fuck you blob, you know. I don’t give a fuck about you anymore, and it feels good.

I’m calling the next couple of posts or so “Lapse” at the end because I’m not in a good mental state, drunk or sober. I’m experiencing some form of depression I think. Self-diagnosed, and I don’t want meds. I find it hard to get out of bed. I’m over my ex, but my feelings haven’t caught up with me. I’m doing trash at school, but after drinking like what, 6 shots of soju, both flavoured and plain, I think I’m gonna do just fine in Trials. I’ll see. I kinda want more alcohol parties.

I’m 18, bitches. It feels good. Hello this is drunk me 1 and I am live! Whoops. This cute Korean guy my mates are friends with got me a little bit drunk. Made me take shots with them and there was this concoction, of Sprite, beer and soju mixed in one. Sprite and soju in two shot glasses in this bigger glass filled with beer. Oh god it tasted weird but the burning sensations ARE MAD. THEY ARE LITERALLY SO GOOD. Soju doesn’t taste all that bad. I drank pretty fast, not gonna lie. I didn’t want Asian flush to come on so I went to the bathroom and splashed myself some good. Went home alright, sobered up pretty quickly before I got home. Goddamn it’s all part of the experience. Feels good.

I can’t drink this much during my HSC year as well. It was a good try and like I would totally do it again but man I fear for my brain cells. I don’t really have that much to say I just feel really good this warm feeling is nice I don’t want my friends to miss out on this and I really hope it can drag me out of this depression I’m feeling. I’m skipping school because I feel like shit, which makes me feel even shittier, vicious cycle continues you know?

I have so much to say. I hope the Lapse series is finished pretty soon. I have a month to get my shit together. Actually I should’ve gotten my shit together two days ago, but the best time is to start today am I right? Yeah feels bad.



~ Serendipitous

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