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Song of the Month December 2015

Okay wow this got released on the 7th originally and I didn’t know. I got bored so I went surfing through Youtube and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ZICO ❤

And omg Latin and Zico is just

heart shaped eyes

December Jams

Sunday 29 November 2015

I developed an unhealthy obsession with looking for pretty dresses to buy. Not sure if it was because I was trying to kill time while waiting for my bus but I went around clothing stores on Level 4 at Westfield and just putting pretty dresses against my body just to see what I’d look like with them (actually trying them on is a hassle).

Prior to this day I had already developed a liking for floor length dresses (I’m actually not a tall person [bc I’m Chinese] but I’m actually pretty tall for a Chinese person??). Partially because my formal dress was floor length and also because floor lengths are able to hide my ugly legs! However with much convincing from my mother’s side I was starting to realise that my legs aren’t exactly all that bad, so I was looking for midi dresses too.

Saved Items will show you dresses I found online which were to my liking and would probably look good on me. Generally I don’t buy online; I prefer to go to actual stores and try clothes on in-store.