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Dinner, Thursday 17 December 2015 

This wasn’t actual dinner (it was for my sister after she came back from work). 

Actual dinner was pork ribs marinated in barbecue sauce with boiled rice. I couldn’t take an actual photo because we were all so into it.

9.5/10, Dad. I took marks off because you didn’t teach me how to actually eat or cook it just yet. But definitely need pork ribs for my birthdays and all important occasions; it’s just so beautiful!! (I’ve never had it before Thursday, so.)

Lunchtime, Thursday 17 December 2015

My wonderful attempt at making a tuna sandwich with two cans of tuna! I love being a strong-willed independent woman who don’t need no man to look after her. 🙂


Lunchtime, Wednesday 16 December 2015 

Itadekimasu! Also thank you to my wonderful dad. It was beautiful, succulent and 8/10. You lost 2 points because I was scared it was too raw. Recommended 1 minute extra on each side. I love you Otou-san! ^_^

I love holidays. My dad cooks me gourmet every holidays, so that’s probably why. He watches a lot of Food Network.

These are my kind of sombre blues ^_^ (7.34 pm Wednesday 9 December 2015)


Aesthetica Orangee (November 2015)

Cafe Date (early November 2015)