454: Alcohol Ballad (Part I)

454: Alcohol Ballad (Part I)

This is just a small look into my world,
A time in my world when my toes curled
At the burn of alc down my throat
and man, the alc rocked my world like a goddamn boat

So here’s a small look here,
Just before we say cheers

Good girls waited ’til they were eighteen
To try the celebrated poison drink
Or if they couldn’t wait they would try them unseen,
Giggle with each other in every clink

In the early days we would mix soj with beer
Add a fair amount of Sprite
Just to ease our fear
Before we chugged and began to feel light-

Stumble up (or was it down?) to the bathroom
Eager to clear away our impending doom
Splash our face with some cold water
Grab the edge of the sink before we falter
Laugh obnoxiously and loudly,
And smile in the mirror proudly.

Stumble back down (or was it up?) the stairs
Fall back clumsy back into one o’ the chairs
With blazed eyes raise a shot glass,
All the people before you, lookin’ like a farce

And you say, one more shot!
Clink, down the glass, feel hot,
Your throat burns, chest taut,
And you’re beginning to feel
Like that boy feeding you the bottle
Is looking like someone you’d wanna throttle

But the restaurant is no place for drunken behaviour RIGHT?
Oh honey take a look at the plight
You’re in with this fella
Best bet his girl’s name ain’t Bella

~ Serendipitous

Fucked the last line

I definitely wanted to write more so I might title this Part 1 instead of Incomplete

Ye the alc


365: Ideation Fixation

365: Ideation Fixation 

Well alright let’s get this shit started
Not any storm cue or anything
Don’t worry, kid, I’ll bring
Some reels that I’ve been having lately
Nothing that’s, honestly, very greatly

That one time I remember you said
Yeah I love you but this is too much
What’s too much? What things such
Have made you say these words
Word man, this word
More ridiculous than an irrational surd

Yeah I love you but I need some space
What space? You have the universe
Oh right, you told me that’s a curse
To own everything when you need nothin’
Oh but I’m nothing now? You shittin’

Me as usual, what a terrible man
Why do I stick around? Right, ’cause it’s love
And in my face laughs Jove
The god up there who decides our relos
Man oh man worse than his worshipper fellows

The last time you kissed me it was too short
Now I sound like I’m complainin’
Or really, maybe I’m just whinin’
Always starving me of my addiction
Quick hand it over I need a fixation

Yeah I’m writing this rap
It’s poetry in motion, and it’s visually divine
Sorry Bliss n Eso, hope you don’t mind
I’ve stolen a couple of your lines

Sorry for the shit ballad
I tried my best for my first time
First time for everything, divine sublime
Hand me over to the darkness
I think that’s enough, though would I rather see
Blackness or blindness?


~ Serendipitous

A rap ballad. Since I haven’t written poetry since November. Or whenever it was the last time.

2.04 am


294: New People

294: New People

Some new people you talk to, meet once
Never see them again for a long time
But on the Internet there they are
Hello, hello, how’s it been?

You talk about things
Mutual interests, friends in common,
People in the past, school,
Everything under the sun

You begin to like them so much more
It’s ok to give up a day’s work
What they talk about makes you happy
So happy

Happy enough to dance and prance
Around the house, giggling childishly
Such is the life of a little girl
Making new friends


~ Serendipitous

287: Winter’s Summery Afternoon

287: Winter’s Summery Afternoon

Lately, I’ve noticed that every August, winter picks out a day for a preview of the summer that is come. 23 August 2015, I think that might’ve been a Friday but I remember that night like it was summer. I’d gone to bed in only a nightie and short shorts because it felt so much like summer, but then in the morning I woke up shivering and in pain.

Yesterday was my first taste of summer after what seemed like a long winter. I loved it so much, but it only lasted until nightfall. But it’s a memory I’ll treasure, the taste of my favourite season in another.


~ Serendipitous